Yoni Massage

In our Spa, you will always be a Goddess in the hands of our Expert Masseurs who will fill with eroticism, pleasure and sensuality, that unique moment where you will be the only priority and protagonist.

The Yoni massage or female massage is an oriental treatment that seeks to connect the woman to her inner sensual nature, resulting in a feeling of complete well-being, satisfaction and contentment.

Massage performed on the mat, with the help of a sensual oil or lubricant, the masseuse explores every inch of the region, touching the entire body, such as the breasts, thighs, outer and inner lips.

The intention is to perform a massage on the female intimate area, as the massage is a possibility to discover more about your body and your pleasure.

Yoni Massage in Lisbon

Yoni Massage’s Benefits

  • Sexual energy is stimulated in Yoni Massage;
  • The way to self-knowledge is obtained with the Yoni Massage;
  • Relaxation and well-being at the Yoni Massage are evident;
  • Frigidity with the Yoni Massage can be treated;
  • Yoni Massage helps in overcoming traumas and blockages.