Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a very interactive body to body massage that comes from the Japanese massage culture, practiced by the Geishas centuries ago.

The bodies are covered in Nuru gel. A colorless and odorless gel, favoring the stimulation of each millimetre of skin without exception, paying special attention to the most erogenous areas of the recipient.

Our Erotic Masseurs will make you enjoy with soft and sensual movements, with the touch of their hands, breasts, torso, buttocks and thighs in an indescribable atmosphere of pleasure, eroticism and interactivity, prolonging the climax until reaching the desired sensual discharge.

The Nuru gel used in this massage is a special very slippery substance, which originates from natural seaweed, it has no smell, and washes off easily. It is also known as the ultimate in body to body Massages.


  • Nuru Massage is an erotic, fun and sensual way to receive a body massage;
  • Nuru massage stimulates self-control;
  • The eroticism in Nuru Massage takes you to total ecstasy;
  • The Nuru Massage awakens and intensifies the libido;
  • The relaxation in Nuru Massage is done body to body;
  • The Nuru Massage is the top of sensual and erotic massage.