About Gustavo

His fibrous and muscular body is accompanied by a liberal and active mind, capable of awakening the most numb sensations.

Gustavo arrives at the Brahma Massage facilities to the delight of the most demanding, with his manly body, his large and strong hands, with the sweetest and most pleasant energy.
In addition to his physique, Gustavo is a loving and accommodating masseur, combining his masculinity with the touch of an entire gentleman. He’s dedicated, friendly and very attentive.

Tall, dark-haired, with brown eyes that will leave you hypnotized, Gustavo masters the seductive and erotic arts perfectly, as well as professional massage techniques and different erotic treatments.

Release your fantasies and let yourself go, because this seductive and energized Brazilian will guide you through new and exciting sensations. Let his burning body and his hands as big as soft slide down your skin in perfect harmony, allowing you to enjoy every inch of your skin.

“Come with me on this adventure because our pleasure is guaranteed.”

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