Couple Massage

Massages for Couples

Tantric massage is a therapy for couples, mutual affection and shared sensitivity are fundamental in this practice.

The couple remains together in the same office, where each receives a massage by a therapist.

The massage is done with calm, patience, sweetness and subtle touches, with the aim of providing the rescue of love, sensitivity and intimacy of the couple, being able to experience moments of pleasure next to each other.

Benefits of Couple’s Massage

In addition to the benefits of relaxation, self-knowledge and help in solving sexual and emotional problems, this massage brings the couple closer together, causing greater movement in the energetic centers, awakening people to share pleasure, inciting them to search for new experiences, emotions and sensations.

Tantric massage helps the couple to free themselves from fears, anxiety, jealousy, judgments and control, leading them to a new level of confidence in each other, in themselves, in their self-esteem, which is reproduced in the remaining variables of their life.

More than a therapy, tantric massage for couples is a sharing experience that both will want to remember.

How Tantra Massage for Couples is Performed

This unique experience is set in private spaces, with candles, soft music, at any of our spacess, visit gallery to choose the masseuse your most comfortable with.

The Couple massage allows you to enjoy all the tantric techniques together with your better half. Feel all the sensations of a sensual and erotic massage and share them with your partner. We have special options in this massage, aiming at the couple’s well-being. Massage performed on tatami and finished with Massage Lingam and / or Yoni.