Body to body massage

The body – body (melee) is one of the most erotic and suggestive massages on our menu. Based on the physical contact and absolute relationship between the client and the masseuse, on the continuous friction and various positions that lead to unlimited pleasure.

Our masseuse’s breasts, her gaze and sensual movements in the desired positions will make you achieve the most delicious pleasures that have ever been imagined

The contact of the body reflects a result of well-being and satisfaction. During melee massages, the massage therapist can use oil to make it easier for the body to slip and slide on the skin with less friction and for a deep hydration of the skin.

The melee massages, considered a relaxing massage, is ideal for reducing stress levels, anxiety and subsequently relaxing the mind and muscles.

Benefit of Body to Body Massage

  • Keeps skin soft and smooth;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Reduces stress levels;
  • Improves sleep quality as it reduces the level of stress and anxiety;
  • Promotes sense of well-being.

Massage Techniques Body to Body

This massage is started with hands applied to the shoulder and back area to relieve stress and tension. Subsequently, the fingers are passed through the arms and legs gently up to the neck for the client to feel comfortable.

Once the client feels relaxed, the masseur applies the oil through the body and gently scrubs her body under the client’s. The gentle pressure of the body creates a relaxing effect and allows the client to enjoy unique sensations.